Clybourne Park

Aurora Theatre, 2014

As Karl’s deaf wife, who happens to be pregnant, Mantella is an image of authentic joy, kindness, confusion and panic. She’ll shatter your heart.
— Wendell Brock, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

I was excited about how well this cast brought the script to life. ...All the actors skillfully skate that razor edge between keeping their two characters unique and finding the commonalities that connect them. I especially liked Joe Sykes' obnoxiously pushy 1950's character echoing in his clueless contemporary boor and Cara Mantella's deaf 1950's Betsy informing her contemporary talkative Lindsey. ...This play is filled with moments that resonate and thrill and amuse and horrify, and, quite frankly, I blame the cast and director (Melissa Foulger) for making it all work.
— Brad Rudy, Altanta Theatre Buzz

This is a fine, award-winning cast. Every actor I mentioned is accomplished and at the top of his/her game. ... Everybody’s eminently watchable.
— Manning Harris, Atlanta INTown, In The Loop