Elemeno Pea

Horizon Theatre, 2014

It really helps that director Heidi Cline McKerley has assembled a dynamite cast that creates five unique individuals without losing that marvelous ensemble quality I've come to expect at the Horizon -- these are definitely actors who "work and play well with each other."... Cara Mantella bursts onto the scene bearing her wealth and privilege like a diesel-driven engine of armour, but, as the layers fall away, reveals herself to be a frightened little girl facing the world alone. It's an incredibly wide-ranging performance, and Ms. Mantella "nails" every moment of it.
— Brad Rudy, Altanta Theatre Buzz

The show’s greatest strength is its cast...When Mantella as Michaela explains her fight with her husband, she both figuratively and literally jumps on the couch. Still, Mantella manages to reveal the character’s blind spots and weaknesses as the plot turns, as do the tables, and the character suddenly finds herself in a vulnerable position, with her longtime staff suddenly her equals.
— Andrew Alexander, ArtsAtl.com