Actor's Express, 2013

The four young actors who play the seminar students are all smartly cast. (Cara Mantella, who plays the sensitive Kate, is a standout in a strong lineup.)
— Andrew Alexander,

Ms. Mantella, by the way, has a gift of comic vulnerability combined with feistiness—she is quite a talent.
— Manning Harris, Atlanta INTown, In The Loop

...Kate, the well-educated girl from a wealthy family. Leonard undresses her (figuratively) after reading just five words of the story she has been rewriting for years and says that her obvious insecurities have left her with "nothing to say." Despite this harsh criticism, it is Kate who is the show's most complex and realistic character; a testament to Mantella's talent.
— Matt Tamanini, Atlanta

...“Seminar" boasts a universally strong ensemble... Mantella is quite good...
— Wendell Brock, AJC