Same Time, Next Year

Stage Door Players, 2012

It’s clear early on that these performers are at ease with each other. (Both were part of the cast of “Mauritius" at Actor’s Express a few years back.) Both Brendle and Mantella have crack comic timing to boot."..."Mantella, who first made a splash locally in the Alliance Theatre’s “Doubt" in 2008, has become a dependable character actress. She is certainly engaging and energetic here. Hers is the flashier role — Doris goes from being pregnant and going into labor in the hotel room, to a sexually frank hippie phase, to finally becoming a steely businesswoman. Even without the big belly or the costume changes, it’s subtle work as Doris moves from being a flighty 20-something who never finished high school into capable and confident middle age.
— Jim Farmer,

In Stage Door’s marvelous production, Bryan Brendle and Cara Mantella breathe new life into these characters I’ve seen too often before (this has to be the tenth production of this play I’ve seen)." "...she defeats a series of successive wigs to create a real character who truly grows before our eyes – the mousy, squeaky-voiced housewife of 1951 believably grows into the flaky hippy of 1964 and the confident businesswoman of 1970."..."And, it doesn’t hurt that, with Ms. Mantella and Mr. Brendle, we have a Doris and George we like spending time with, a Doris and George we cannot help but root for.
— Brad Rudy, Atlanta Theatre Buzz