Rabbit Hole

Stage Door Players, 2014

Becca’s sister Izzy (Cara Mantella) and mother (Patricia French), two quirky women full of life and wit, also do their best to comfort and be there for Becca.
You may think that wit hardly seems appropriate here; on the contrary, it is their wit and humanity that make the piece playable, and the playwright understands that perfectly.
This play must have fine actors, capable of great subtlety and nuance. Cara Mantella and Patricia French, are experienced, talented professionals; in their hands Izzy and Nat (the mother) are brought fully to life.
— Manning Harris, Atlanta INTown, In The Loop

It’s also a showcase for its performers. The cast is uniformly strong here.
But the women do dazzle...Mantella brings her typical charisma to Izzy. The character may be young, and not really sure of where she is headed, but she isn’t aimless. She is loyal and exceptionally devoted to her family.
— Jim Farmer, Artsatl.com

And the cast is phenomenal.
Patricia French is also marvelous as Nat, Becca’s mother as is the always wonderful Cara Mantella as her sister Izzy.
— Brad Rudy, Altanta Theatre Buzz