Actor's Express, 2018

Cara Mantella as the lonely, pill-popping Harper, who is starting to realize that her husband Joe Pitt (Joe Sykes) is gay, is terrific. I had a lot of empathy for the character and her plight — and Mantella doesn’t overplay it. — Jim Farmer, ArtsATL

And this is a cast seemingly blessed from on high... Cara Mantella is beautifully lost as [Harper], desperate to connect without sacrificing that tiny spark of the "Real Harper" she sees slipping away. — Brad Rudy, Atlanta Theatre Buzz

Ms. Mantella’s Harper is also very fine; hers is a tricky, quirky role. There’s no character quite like Harper in American drama. — Manning Harris, Atlanta Intown

A resourceful ensemble of eight actors, each playing several roles, excels. — Bert Osborne, AJC